Mitchell Anderson

Mitchell Anderson

Violin & Bass, Beginning Viola & Cello – Berkley & Waterford DVCo
$20 per half hour

Limited Availability

Mitchell is currently studying Music Education at Wayne State University. He has completed his Suzuki Training for books 1, 2, & 3. Mitchell has taught for four years as a private violin/viola/cello/bass instructor at the Oxford School of Music and six years as a teacher/teacher’s assistant at the Flint Institute of Music. 

He performed for six years with the Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra on violin. Mitchell took two tours in Ireland, and one tour in France with the Flint Youth Symphony Orchestra on violin. He played violin for four years in the Dort Honors String Quartet and took two tours in France with them. Mitchell is a two-time recipient of the Marcia W. Dort String Scholarship for bass. He spent one year performing in the Detroit Youth Symphony Orchestra on bass and is currently a sub for Dearborn Symphony Orchestra on bass. 


Mitchell enjoys all aspects of music. He enjoys learning new instruments. He believes that every new instrument provides an exciting new perspective on music and sound production. Aside from music, Mitch likes playing backyard soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.


Every child can learn an instrument, and every child learns in their own way. I believe that music is an integral part of humanity, and that every child deserves the chance to learn and experience music first hand.

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