Dylyn Cady

Dylyn Cady

Drums and Percussion

Troy – $30 per half hour

There lies no music within an instrument. An instrument is simply used as a means to express the music within a person.

Dylyn studied Music Technology at Wayne State University. He was previously a percussion instructor for Lazet Music Studio, the Hazel Park drumline and the Waterford Kettering band camp drumline.

Dylyn has performed in numberous rock, funk, and jazz ensembles. As a member of the Winter Guard International (WGI), Dylyn ranked as an A Class quad player, and a two-time World Class drum set player. He has also performed in multiple percussion and piano recitals.


Dylyn’s interests include bringing people together with rhythm and snowboarding.

Books & Materials Needed

To get started with lessons you’ll need sticks, a notebook and access to music. All other material will be evaluated on a student-by-student basis.