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The rental program offered through the McCourt’s Music Group provides high-quality, school-approved band and orchestra instruments to students of all ages. Our rental program has an initial three month minimum, then is month-to-month and includes the accessories you need to get started. Our goal is to ensure the best possible customer service while creating lifelong memories. Complete our online rental form or visit the location nearest you to begin your musical journey.

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Monthly Band Rental Rates





Snare Drum Kit

Percussion Kit



Single French Horn

Baritone (Junior Size)



Snare/Percussion Combo


*Subject to availability.

Contact or visit us in store to inquire.



Alto Sax



Tenor Sax

Baritone (Full Size)

Bass Clarinet



*Subject to availability. Contact or visit us in store to inquire.



Double French Horn


*Subject to availability. Contact or visit us in store to inquire.



Monthly Orchestra Rental Rates

Violin 1/16 - 3/4

Viola 12" - 14"



Violin 4/4

Viola 15" +



Cello 1/10 - 3/4



Cello 4/4



Double Bass

All Sizes



Rental Packages

Our rental packages include:

Flute – Instrument, case, cleaning rod and name tag

Clarinet/Saxophone – Instrument, case, mouthpiece, 2 reeds, cleaning swab and name tag

Trumpet/Trombone/Baritone/French Horn – Instrument, case, mouthpiece, valve or rotor oil, slide grease and name tag

Percussion Kit – Instrument, case, stand, sticks, mallets, practice pad and name tag

Snare Kit – Instrument, case, stand, sticks and name tag

Violin/Viola – Instrument, case, bow, rosin, shoulder rest, cleaning cloth and name tag

Cello/Bass – Instrument, case, bow, rosin, rock stop, cleaning cloth and name tag

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Rental FAQ’s

Full Insurance & Repair Coverage

Valves sticking? Break a string? Tenon corks ripped? ALL covered at no additional cost. Our comprehensive maintenance and insurance coverage keeps your instrument in top-notch playing condition throughout the course of your rental.

Service & Delivery

Need the instrument by Monday? You can fill out a rental contract online and we will deliver your instrument to your school, free of charge, normally within 48 hours. We make weekly trips to most schools in Oakland County, which means we can get you what you need… fast!

Rent to Own & Build Equity

Every month, you automatically earn credit toward the purchase of your instrument. Rent interest free month-to-month, with no obligation to buy. If you’d like to purchase your instrument, we’ll discount your pay-off balance 35% in the first year and 30% thereafter. Your accrued rental credit can be applied to the purchase price at any time. You may also choose to use 100% of this credit to upgrade to a more professional instrument as your student progresses.

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