– Customer Testimonials –

"For all your string instruments, Detroit Violin Company is your one stop go to place. The staff is helpful, and friendly. They are also super supportive of youth music education. Whether you are a first year beginner or a seasoned pro, you will find this place to be exciting. "

Joshua Craft

"This place is awesome. Best customer service ever, very knowledgeable and the prices are great! Thanks so much guys. "

Lindsey Jennings

"Great place to buy a violin. Super helpful, knowledgeable and patient staff. Quality products at a fair price. Worth the drive across town! I wish I knew them earlier, when we first started violin, but am thankful we found them when it really mattered (for our violin purchase). They had a great selection and we found “the one”. "

Sarah Wodzisz

" How cool is this shop! I walked in with little hope of finding my husband’s violin shoulder pad I needed to replace due to our weiner dog finding it and mistaking it for a chew toy! They had it sitting in a window- and they gave it to me gratis! I’ve not had that happen- like ever! So cool! I wanted to stay just to watch him rehair a bow. Thanks so MUCH!! Now I’m a hero. "

Carrie Zaitz

"It’s so cool to have a full service music store in the neighborhood. My friend, a music teacher and symphony musician was so impressed. The staff is friendly, helpful and has the expertise to help with any instrument. The shop is clean, organized and fun to visit with lessons going on and a steady stream of musicians coming through. Nice selection of brass, strings, guitars and dozens of ukuleles. "

Eric Bennett

"I’ve been working through DVCo as a music teacher at this location. The people who work there are wonderful, and they have great instruments for sale. "

Jordan Schug

"I always love to support the smaller shops and in this day and age this is important to do. I initially brought my used clarinet in there and wanted to have it looked over. Unfortunately, it needed a lot of repairs that I was not yet financially ready to make. Brian was very helpful and explained the rental process while trying to figure out what I am going to do with my existing one. I plan on renting from them for my daughter. My visit was quick, easy and the staff was really friendly. "

Tearra Colley

"I’ve been coming to this shop ever since they opened. They always have fast service and super friendly employees! Unlike other places, they care about the customer’s needs and they don’t just try to sell you stuff. Would highly recommend! "

Aidan Krieger

"I bought a spruce top Amahi tenor ukulele from this shop at the end of December. The staff were very friendly and helpful! The woman who was helping me really knew what she was talking about and she made sure I got an instrument that suited me. "

Cari Drolet